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To keep all our members informed
we'll post the meeting minutes on this page.

MAY 7, 2006

Meeting called ot order at 2:10pm.

  • FALL BANQUET: It was decided to set the date for the fall banquet at 2 weeks after the Classic Tournament.
  • SPONSORS: If a member has anyone willing to be a sponsor please contact Tony with the Info. Also discussed was the option of putting the sponsors of each tournament in the paper along with the winners photo instead of giving them a plaque. The paper will not allow us to mention the sponsors as they consider it free advertisements. Need to find out what the paper will charge for this then get with each sponsor to see if they would prefer a plaque or a mention in the paper [ if the price is reasonable from the paper] it will be up to the sponsor to choose a plaque or the paper.
  • NEW MEMBERS: Introductions & Welcomes.
  • CLASSIC: It was unanimously decided that we would keep our Classic Tournament away from the Alpena Lakes as a courtesy to the Fishing Club Tournaments up there at that time.
  • 2006 SCHEDULE: A couple members brought up why we are starting the season so late this year. President mentioned that the 2006 schedule was voted on & passed at the fall banquet. One of the reasons was due to the spawning. Much discussion on this followed. President proposed to either move the dates up or add in another tournament, and after more discussion it was voeted on to add another tournament, so we now have 8 tourneys plus the classic. THE NEW TOURNAMENT ADDED WILL BE AT ALCONA POND ON SUNDAY JUNE 4, 2006.
  • OPEN TOURNAMENT: President mentioned the possiblility of holding an Open Tournament sometime this season with the help of the Glennie Sportsman Club to help raise funds for both clubs.
  • LOON LAKE PROJECT: Plainfield township is working on a project for the Loon Lake Boat Launch area which will make it possible to have tournaments at Loon Lake in the future.
  • WEIGH IN PROCEDURES: A lot of discussion on ways to improve the weigh in procedure, to help with less stress to the fish and in speeding up the process. Many different options were discussed by all members. One decision made was that we will now weigh in according to your blast off number. Also discussed was having the club buy a few bags so everyone could use the same bag and keep the fish in the bag instead of transferring them from bags to baskets. The club used to do it this way and decided not to buy bags as a few years back it was voted on that each team supplies their own bags. Also discussed was instead of checking each team for the big bass, we will only check if the team has a real big bass then other teams without big bass will not be checked unless they are close in size, then of coarse they will be checked, this is in hopes of speeding up the process.
    Also brought up was if we should appoint another person to check the weight while the weigh in is being conducted. It was decided that this is not necessary as Larry & Randy do a great job and everyone trusts them with this job. It was mentioned that each team should be responsible to watch their own fish being weighed in and if they have any doubts to bring it up right then and there, so we can settle it at that point in time. You agree to your teams weight when you sign your weigh in slip.
  • 2006 ADMIN FEES: The estimate for the 2006 administration fees which includes, paper, ink, envelopes, stamps for all mailings and domain name for website was discussed and approved.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm.

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