Bass Anglers of the Sunrise Side Club and Tournament Rules 2006

The B.A.S.S is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting good sportsmanship and friendly competition.

This club will abide by all rules and laws of the State of Michigan and the DNR, should, at anytime the Club rules conflict with those of the state the state shall prevail.

The Club is headed by a board that is elected by the membership in an election held at the annual banquet that is held at the end of each season. The board consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Tournament Director.

MEMBERSHIP: This club is a TEAM club. The team consists of two (2) members. The same two members are expected to fish together for the entire season, However, In the event one of the team members is not available the remaining member may opt to contact an alternate or to fish alone. Should he/she choose to fish alone they can only weigh-in five (5) fish. And the cost will be $70.00 per boat.
An alternate of your chosing may fish the tournament one time per year, after that he/she has to pay the membership of $50.
Members shall be at least twelve (12) years of age. Those under eighteen (18) must have the approval of his/her parents who must sign a Release of Liability form before the youth can fish.

DUES: The club dues and tournament fees shall be established at the banquet each year for the next season. The dues are presently $40 per member if paid at the spring meeting, $50 after that date.The tournament fee is $80 per boat. The Big Bass pot is optional but both members are either in or out.
You must have your annual dues and tournament fee paid before you can fish in any tournament.

LAKES: The club will hold seven (7) tournaments plus the Classic each year on lakes that are voted on by the membership at the fall banquet. The lakes for the Classic will be voted on at the second from last tournament and announced at the last tournament. Each year one (1) new lake must be chosen.

POINTS AND PRIZES: the TOTAL WEIGHT of their catch will determine the winners of each tournament. Points will be awarded based on the finishing order. 100-1st., 99-2nd. 98-3rd etc.. The Classic scoring combines the first and second days catch and points are awarded 100-1st., 98-2nd., 96-3rd., etc.. The club championship is awarded according to total points of the best five (5) out of eight (8) tournaments for the season.
Points will be awarded to the captain (boat owner) of each team, or his /her regular partner if the captain is not fishing and has been replaced by an alternate.
Prizes will be awarded at each tournament for the top three (3) or four (4) teams plus Big Bass in the form of cash and trophies/plaques the number of positions paid will be determined by the number of boats in the tournament. The top three (3) teams for the season will receive plaques and jackets/shirts. The big bass for the year will also receive an award.

SAFETY: all members must observe safe boating at all times. Each member is required to wear a coast guard approved, chest type life preserver. This life preserver must be strapped, snapped, or zipped securely any time the combustion engine is running. Violation of this rule shall be grounds for immediate disqualification. All boats must be equipped with a KILL SWITCH, which must be attached to the driver when the combustion engine is running.

BOAT and MOTORS: Fishing boats that are used must be at least 14 feet in length. No pontoon boats, barges, or similar cumbersome craft will be permitted. Every boat must have all State and Coast Guard required equipment. In addition, it must have a functioning mechanical livewell large enough to adequately maintain two (2) limits of fish alive. Maximum horsepower for all outboard motorboats used in a club tournament shall not exceed the horsepower limitations set by the B.I.S./U.S. Coast Guard horsepower rating plate attached by the manufacturer.
It is the responsibility of the boat owner to have adequate insurance coverage, the club assumes no responsibility or liability for any member.

TACKLE and EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures shall be used. Only one casting, spin casting, or spinning rod may be used at any one time. No trolling will be allowed, however an electric motor may be used for slow maneuvering. The maximum length for any rod shall be 8 feet, butt to tip. CB, marine radios, or mobile telephones are allowed for emergency use only during tournament hours.

PRE-FISHING: At the 2005 Spring meeting the membership voted to go back to the previous rule putting the lakes off limits at 12:00 midnight the Sunday prior to the tournament.

LEGAL FISH: Largemouth and/or Smallmouth Bass that are a minimum of fourteen (14) inches in length measured in a straight line from tail to mouth, with the mouth closed. A ruler designed for this purpose (Golden Rule) will be used by the club to determine the official size.
Any culling must be done on the water not at the dock or weigh-in area, however a member shall be allowed one bump. Once a fish is turned over to the tournament director it cannot be withdrawn. A short fish weighed in will result in a disqualification but there is a courtesy bump to allow you to check your fish before it is turned over to the director. Any bass that appears to have been altered will be weighed only at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
The members have voted to limit the number of fish to five (5) per team. (a member fishing alone will be limited to five (5) fish.)
Late arrival to the weigh-in will result in the loss of I lb. Per minute off the total weight of the late teams catch.

DEAD FISH: Each competitor is expected to keep his/her bass alive by use of a proper livewell. All fish must be transported to the scales in approved fish weigh-in bags.
For each legal bass weighed in dead, the competitor shall be penalized four (4) ounces of weight. If a dead fish is entered for Big Bass (4) ounces will be deducted for the Big Bass competition.

TIES: Winners are determined by the total weight of their catch. In the event of a tie the team with the biggest fish will be declared the winner.

STARTING TIME: The starting time (blast-off) will be 6:00 a.m., or SAFE LIGHT as determined by the tournament Director.

CHECK-IN: All competitors MUST check-in at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to blast off. If a team arrives after the tournament has started they must find a club official and have their boat checked and pay their entrance fee before they start fishing.

EARLY DEPARTURES: Should any team need to or decide to leave a tournament early, it is their responsibility to notify either the Tournament Director or another team that they plan to do so. So that we know that you are safe and don’t send people out looking for you.

CHEATING: Cheating will not be tolerated. Any charges of cheating must be brought to the Tournament Director immediately. There will be a hearing with the Board of Directors. If it is determined that there has been a violation a report will be made to the State Federation and B.A.S.S.

SPORTSMANSHIP: all members are expected to treat each other in a respectful and courteous manner. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not allowed during any club meeting or tournament. No alcohol consumption will be allowed until the weigh-in is completed and all prizes awarded. Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and the officers present may impose sanctions including disqualification if deemed necessary.
If a team is caught with alcoholic beverages on their boat during a tournament they will be removed from the club.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDES: No member shall be allowed to enter any tournament if they have guided on tournament waters within a three (3) month period prior to the tournament.

TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS: Any club Officer or designee may approach and/or board any competitors boat at any time during a tournament.
The Tournament Director and /or the Board are responsible for the interpretation of these rules.

• The club officers will appoint a member or members to inspect all boats prior to or during a tournament. If any member should deny access to their boat they will not be allowed to fish and shall be removed from the membership.

• As sportsmen and women we should make sure that we leave the lake and weigh-in area as clean or cleaner than we found it.

• If any member has a positive suggestion on how we may improve these rules please contact one of the officials at any tournament. (“Shove it” isn’t considered positive)

These rules were last revised 2/20/24

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