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NOVEMBER 12 , 2005

There was a good turn-out and a lot of extremely delicious food. We ate from 6:30 to 7:15 then got down to business.
It was voted on how to choose the lakes, same as last year by electing a committee to choose dates, or to draw from a hat. It passed to follow same as last year's procedure. Elected to choose dates were; Larry, Tom, Trace, Terry, Bob.
> It was voted on to keep 8 lakes or go back to 7. It passed to go back to 7 lakes for the 2006 season.
> It was voted on that we will not fish on the July 4th weekend or on the weekend of June 4th .

> Election of the officers, as Dick Brown was retiring; Larry Barnes said he would be the president as long as he can also stay as the Tourney Director, as he enjoys doing that. It was voted and unanimously passed to elect Larry Barnes as the new Club President All other officers remained the same and the secretary was given a raise.
> It was voted on that Trace Krone will be the new live well checker.
> We then began to count out the votes on the lakes and they were tallied up and announced and the lake comittee then began to pick the dates.
Click here to check out the 2006 schedule.
> We gave out the gifts according to ticket numbers.
> The trophy's and jackets were presented to the season champs and pictures were taken and congrats were given.
> Banquet ended about 8:30pm.


APRIL 10, 2005

It was voted on to keep the 7 fish limit. It was also voted to close the lakes to any pre-fishing one week prior to the tournament. New alternates are allowed to join anytime during the season as long as they pay the yearly membership fee. It was voted on to buy the domain name of for the club.


OCTOBER 16 , 2004

Everyone brought a dish to pass and the food was plenty and good. The lakes and dates were voted on and decided. Plaques were handed out to the winners, a good time was had by all.

APRIL 18TH , 2004

We had a lot of new members sign up, WELCOME to all! It was voted on that there are no longer any restrictions on the pre-fishing of the lakes. We conducted business, signing up and paying of memberships.



JUNE 1ST, 2003
It was brought up that we change the time for the weigh-in at the tournament from 3:00p.m. to 2:00p.m. it was voted on & did not pass, therefore weigh-in time remains 3:00p.m. There were no further discussion, we started fishin!

OCTOBER 11TH, 2003

This was our end of the year annual banquet, we voted to keep the present officers, which are posted on the CLUB OFFICERS page.
We also voted on the lakes for the 2004 season which are posted on the SCHEDULE page.

These issues were voted on:

> We will not have a night tournament in 2004.
> We will hold 8 club tournaments plus the 2-day classic but will not hold an open tournament.
> Substitutes- It was voted that if you want to be a sub you must be signed up in the spring, therefore any team that would like to use a sub during the season must use one from the list of available substitutes in lieu of bringing in someone new.
> If there is ever a tie for 1st place, it was voted that out of the 2 tied teams the one that has the biggest bass will be the winner.
> The pre-fishing rule was also changed, you can now fish a lake up to the day before a tournament.

Club Champs were given their plaques & jackets. Everyone voted on Sportsman of the year which once again was won by Don Lightcap. Our Sponsors were thanked by everyone & instead of having the banquet catered as in past years, the club bought the meat & everyone brought a dish to pass. There was a lot of very good food & it was also unanimous that we should do it this way again next year. We took the money that we would have used for the caterer to our sponsors, which gave us a lot of nice gifts for the members.

APRIL 6, 2003

Voted on & unanimously passes that the secretary & the treasurer will not have to pay the yearly dues.
Also discussed was extra points for big bass, but was decided that no extra points will be given for big bass.
Also discussed & voted down was changing the pre-fish dates from no fishing one week prior to tournament, to being able to fish it the day before tournament only, this was unanimously voted down!
Don Lightcap will be at every tournament to sell 50/50 tickets, 1 for $1.00; 3 for $2.00; or 9 for $5.00.
We also discussed the fact that we need more sponsers for our tournaments
Also discussed having the end of the year banquet at the plainfield township hall in hale instead of the eagles club, more info on that will be determined later in the season.
Everyone that was present at the meeting received 3 pts.
Next meeting will be held before the 1st tournament on June 1st, and those present will also receive another 3 points for this.
We will be posting club standings on this site also once we start, so stay tuned for that!

OCTOBER 18, 2002

This was our end of the year annual banquet, we voted on the new officers, which are posted on the MEMBERS page. We also voted on the lakes for the 2003 season which are posted on the BULLETIN BOARD. We also voted on keeping the 7 bass limit for all tournaments, which passed with all voting YES.
We discussed the need to find more sponsors for the 2003 season, Sponsors will pay $100.00, & they will receive a club plaque, mention of their names in the paper, & we will possibly start to name our tournaments after the , (for example:" The Tackle Box Tournament" held on Foote Pond).
Also discussed was the mention that this year we will continue with the 50/50 drawings at each tournament.
Next we awarded the 2002 season winners with their plaques & shirts.
Also voted on was "SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR" which was won by Don Lightcap.
There was also a raffle for a $100.00 gift certificate to JAN'S SPORT SHOP in Flint, which was won by Dick Brown. The banquet was catered by 'Up North Catering'. Thanks to them for the good food!


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